Awards / Missionary Endeavours

We received a few awards honoring our work among Women and Children in Goa.

  1. The All Goa NCC Cadet Corps Award for excellence in the field of Social Work in 2007 at the hands of the Governor of Goa.
  2. The Goa Sudharop state award for excellent work among Children in Goa in 2010.
  3. The Nationalistic Congress Party honored Mrs. Sujatha Prince on International Women’s day for her involvement with Women and Children in Goa in the year 2011.
Award handed by Governor Jamir to Prince
Prince receives award from Goa Sudarop
Sujatha receives award from Tourism Minister
Prince with others who received awards


  1. Rev. Prince is the President of the Bible Society of India, Goa Branch, we do support this Ministry financially.
  2. We do support the Fellowship of Evangelical Friends, as they are involved in Tribal Ministry in Kanyakumari Dist of Tamil Nadu.
  3. We are planning to help the Mission to the Blind and support the work among the blind people in India.