Our Charitable Activities

We have 20 Children under our care, 12 Girls and 8 Boys, who live in different homes. We have staff who live with them and take care of them. We have a Bus that takes all the Children to Schools, College and back home. We also have a Van that helps in the shopping, take sick children to hospital etc. Few of our boys have left us after living with us for about 7 years and now have found good jobs in the city. We have 3 girls in XIth std and one girl in Xth std. 1 girl in FYBA and one Girl in BSc. Nursing first year. We have a land that is donated free of cost to us to build a home for the boys and girls and all the staff. We are in the process of raising money towards this project. Every Sunday we have different volunteers who come and have different workshops like teaching Children art work, drawing, painting, canvas painting, card making, lamp making, bead chains, ear rings, bangles, etc.

Our Website :- www.careandcompassion-goa.org


We have free Tailoring classes that are held for Women who are very poor, infected with HIV+ and Widows, then after the course they get a Certificate and several of the Women who have been trained have found good jobs and are now earning some money to take of themselves and family. Some are helped with sewing machines so that they can stitch and earn money from home. A Teacher is appointed to take care of this Project. All together we have 4 sewing machines and every day we have 8 Ladies come and learn in the evenings. We Bought two new machines for Tailoring class.


We have a street Children’s club in the mornings and several Children are gathered together and some basic education is given to them, they also have some play time where there are toys, and then some eatables daily, they are there for a couple of hours in the morning. The Teacher who is appointed here takes care of this project.


We have adopted three families in three different cities of Goa and help them in several ways. We provide old newspapers that we collect from our friends and give to them free so that they can make paper bags out of that and sell them in the markets and get money to run their family. We also provide help to buy raw materials to make pickles, and other eatables so they can sell them in the market and earn money for them. We provide medical help for them, special help for the infected Children in their education. Also some ration is given on a regular basis to these families. We also give some training and education to these infected families.


We do have medical camps in the slums of Goa, and provide medicines to those who are sick and we also had a free Eye check up camp and distributed free medicines and glasses to those who needed. We gave about 60 glasses free to people in the slums.