Rev. Prince Aaron Golden

My name is Rev. Prince Aaron Golden, I was born in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu in the year 1962 and brought up in a Christian home from the age of one in a place called Curtorim, Goa, in India. My parents dedicated me for the Lord’s work as a child, but I refused to work for Him as I grew up. Goa, is dominated by Roman Catholics. Both me and my younger sister did not have the privilege of attending Sunday School or Youth meetings in our life. We had only a hand full of believers worshipping God at that time, and in order to attend church we had to travel about 80 kms, which was very difficult. My Dad was a school teacher.

On the 18th of April, 1982,  I came to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior of my life in an Evangelistic meeting. I was baptized by immersion on the 18th of November, 1982. Since then instead of growing in the Lord I was going away from Him. I was very good in games and also started martial arts and represented my college at several places, so pride had entered my heart and I was going away from God. I was also working in an Insurance company and earning quite well and enjoyed life with my friends. One of our missionary friend Dr. Puspharaj who has been praying for me right from my childhood wrote a registered letter to me while I was doing my college studies in the year 1984. The letter read as follows “Dear Prince, you are going away from the Lord, please come back before the Lord hooks you out of the water like a fish and its body being torn into pieces. God loves you”. I did not understand the meaning of this letter and so I burnt it without showing it to anyone at home.

I was quite good in my studies and had taken Chemistry as my major subject in my final year Bachelor of Science studies. I answered my examination in 1984. I did well in all my papers and was confident that I would get through with good percentage. I also arranged for a permanent job, as a chemist in one of the fertilizer companies, through one of our friends who was a political leader at that time. I was happy I could do things according to my own ways. But to my surprise and shock when the results were declared a few months later I had failed , being the first failure in my life I planned to go to the near by beach and commit suicide. I did not want to face my parents nor my friends any more. But the Lord according to His plan stopped this happening in my life through my friend. I went back home and started preparing for my second attempt in 1985. During this time my sister was married and was living in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, she is involved in ministry with her husband there. After my exams we planned  to go and  see her for about 10 days. I had applied for leave from my company.

Time came for my exams, I remember going to my room with my Bible to pray before answering my exams. I did not read a word of the Bible, but I remember praying this prayer “Lord, I am going to answer my exams, help me to do well, if I pass this exam I am surely going to serve you, but if I fail then I will not serve you”. I finished praying and as I was leaving my room I said in my heart “Even if I pass who is going to serve this God, I am not going to serve Him, that was just a prayer to please Him”. I did very well in all my exams and was confident to get good grades. I went to see my sister with my parents as planned and  on the 14th of November we had to return back to Goa. Something happened on the 13th of November 1985,  that changed my life completely. I accompanied a group of friends who were going for a Gospel meeting, at a distant place in a van. We were about 12 of us altogether in the van with all the musical  instruments. While we were travelling at about 6.30 PM, on a highway with high speed the driver lost control of the van while trying  to prevent colliding a vehicle that was coming against us and the van was thrown down into a valley which was about 25 feet deep. I shouted for help and I knew I would die at that moment. I was unconscious. They pulled out 11 bodies all injured badly from the van, but they could not find my body which was buried under the van. They broke open the door and brought me out. Both my legs were broken from the knee below.  I was taken to the hospital and at about 8 PM where I regained  my consciousness in the operation theatre. The Doctors and nurses were all around me ready to perform the operation on me. I overheard one Doctor tell the other “We need to amputate his right leg which is very bad, but the left leg and other injuries we can manage”. I cried out to the Lord at that moment and I was reminded of the letter that I received from that missionary and understood the meaning of it. I repented and confessed my sins to the Lord and rededicated my life to Him. I knew the Lord had heard me. I made a commitment right then “Lord even if the Doctors remove my leg, I am going to serve you with one leg on my wheel chair”. My Dad was there and I mentioned about this to him he was broken and prayed for me. The Doctors before the operation said Prince if your God is good He will give back your legs. I prayed and they did the operation and the next day the Doctor came to me and said your God is really good, He has not only given your legs back but given new life also. But he said you will not be able to walk in your life. I Praised the Lord and said Lord I am going to serve you from now on whatever may happen, in whatever situation I am in.

I was bed ridden for about 18 months which is a long time. During the first three months I did not sleep because of the unbearable pain. I even asked the Lord to take my life. I got my results and I was successful in my exams with good grades. The Lord guided me to resign my previous job and also give that post of Chemist to some other candidate. Now I was just asking the Lord what I needed  to do. The Lord had confirmed His calling in my life. During my third month in the hospital one night the Lord appeared to me thrice in a vision and spoke to me these words. He stood in front of me in a white figure wearing a white robe folded up to the knee and said these words “My son I love you, I will heal you completely and give you my legs”. The third time I saw His vision, I was filled with joy and peace in my heart, the pain was hidden by His presence. I shared this with the nurses early morning that my Jesus is going to heal me soon, but they made fun of me and said that I have gone out of my head and asked my relatives not to disturb me.

The Lord was so good that after some months, the Doctors wanted me to be discharged from the hospital  and go home because nothing could be done to heal me. They advised my parents not to waste money on me. So my parents brought me home and I was under the treatment of a Physio- therapist  for some time and  while I was in my home in Goa a Pastor came to see and talk to me about my future and he taught me from the Word of God on my bed and prepared me to go to a Bible college to be trained and then serve the Lord. As I was on wheel chair and crutches at home, I answered my entrance exam on my bed under the supervision of the Pastor and was selected to join seminary studies in June 1987.  I started fasting and praying along with my parents and dear ones that before I go to Seminary the Lord would work another miracle and help me walk without any support, the Lord was so faithful that He heard us and helped me to walk freely without any help. I joined the Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, Maharashtra, India and completed my Bachelor of Divinity studies on the 7th of April, 1990. I was praying that Lord would give an offer to serve Him and the first offer that comes to me would be from Him. I received a letter from the Baptist Church in Mumbai  asking  me to come and serve as a Church planter and pastor in Mumbai. I came and met him and he asked me to join immediately. I was very happy. I served the Lord in Goa among the sick people in the hospitals and prisoners, in Aguada Jail, for a period of 6 months during my internship  the Lord worked miracles and healed several people during this time I got to serve Him in Goa.

The Lord had planned my marriage and I was married to Sujatha my wife on the 30th of May 1990. I joined the ministry on the 7th of August 1990 in Mumbai, India. With the disability in my legs the Lord used me and my wife to start a church in the year 1991, and today we have about 130 people worshipping in this church and the Lord used us to start four other churches in the city. Four are English speaking churches and one Telegu Church.  One of the Youth  from our church committed himself for full time service and so we sent him to Calcutta Bible college to be trained and after his M.Div, he came back and is taking care of  two  new churches that we started from 1st June 1998.  We have altogether appointed three full time Church planters and Pastors. Praise the Lord He is doing great things through us.

Our burden and vision is to go back to Goa as early as possible to start a pioneering church planting work there among the Roman Catholics and Hindus. According to His own plan the Lord brought us to Goa on the 29th of August 2001 for pioneer church planting ministry. Since then we have started an English and Konkani speaking Baptist Church in the capital city of Goa, called the Panaji Baptist Church, we started the Porvorim Baptist Church, then we also started the Vasco Baptist Church, we have started the Margao Baptist Church recently. We request you to please pray that God would use us here in Goa.  Pray also for special strength that I need for my legs to continue the work of the Lord as long as I live.  We need your sincere prayers and support.

Since we don’t have Children of our own we had a desire to do something to help poor and needy children. We saw a small boy about 4 years old eating from the garbage bin in Goa and so we prayed and picked him up first in the year 2003 February and started a charitable Trust called Care and Compassion – Goa that takes care of 23 Children today in Goa, with 14 Girls and 9 Boys, they have different homes to stay and staff taking care of them. It really blesses our hearts to see these Children go to different English medium schools in the city and do well in their studies. We want them to stand on their own feet when they grow up. We also have other projects that help Women learn Tailoring free of cost and get jobs, Day care centre for street Children and HIV + projects of supporting infected families with vocational training and helping them stand on their own feet and earn their living.

MY ADDRESS  : Rev. Prince Aaron Golden, 4/F, G-2, Models Complex, Taleigao Market, Taleigao, ILHAS,PANAJI,  GOA, INDIA. 403002.
PHONE NUMBER : 0832-2452928 0-9823043747 / 0-9823307747
E - MAIL ADDRESS : princeag@bsnl.in / goabaptist@gmail.com / princefromgoa@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.careandcompassion-goa.org / www.goabaptistfellowship.org



My name is Mrs. Sujatha Prince, I was born and brought up in a Christian home in a Place called Nagercoil, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. From my childhood I used to attend Sunday School and came to know about Jesus Christ.

When I was 13 years old, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, but I was not fully committed to God. I used to pray to God when I was in need of something and after that I just forget God. But God has done great things in my life. When I was 15 years old, I started getting a patch on my face, I went to the Doctor and he gave me some ointment, which I applied for about 2 days, there was no improvement, but it started spreading all over my face and my face became pink in colour. I was tensed and worried. I was not able to go out because everyone would start staring at me. I was very sad and started to cry out to the Lord in Prayer, my parents also prayed for me. One evening when I was listening to a Christian radio programme called “JESUS CALLS” by one of India’s great Evanglist Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, he said that there are some people who are praying for their skin problem, the Lord has heard your cry and He will heal you. I felt that he was telling me, I was filled with joy and I prayed to God in faith, then within 2 days the Lord healed me completely.

I was sick after sometime with high fever, my parents took me to the hospital. The Doctor gave an injection and my left leg started paining and swelling, after taking medicines there was no improvement, I could not even walk properly. My parents and myself prayed to God earnestly again and I was healed by the Lord. After this my faith in God was strengthened and I became more committed to God. I used to get involved in Church activities.

After I finished my graduation, my parents wanted me to get married. According to our Indian custom, my parents started looking out for a God fearing boy for me, God in His own time after a long search brought the right person my husband Pastor. Prince in my life. The Lord brought us together in Marriage on 30th May 1990. After my marriage along with my husband we stayed with my in laws for a few weeks in Goa. During that time my in laws shared their spiritual experiences with God and I was blessed to hear them. My husband also helped me to draw closer to God.

I re-committed my life to God on 10th October 1990, after that I started to learn more about God and grow in Him, I also obeyed the Lord in the waters of Baptism on 23rd March 1991 in Mumbai. Since then I have been involved in the ministry with my husband.

We shifted to Mumbai in the year 1990 for Church planting ministry. While we were there I worked as a School teacher in an English medium School for 10 years in Mumbai. When God called us to serve in Goa, I had to resign my permanent School job and left Mumbai for Goa in the year 2001, to start a pioneering Church planting ministry. While we were in Mumbai the Lord gave us a burden to do something to help and take care of orphaned poor street children, we prayed about that and God opened up the door for us to start the Charitable Trust named Care and Compassion – Goa, where we now have 23 Children this year under our care. We are very happy to serve them. The children are very happy. Now we have 3 Teachers to look after them. I help in teaching the children in their studies, some are very good in studies. We have done our best to see them study well. By the Grace of God all the children passed except one had to repeat the class. We thank God for they are growing both physically and spiritually, please continue to pray for them, the staff and us that God may give us the wisdom  to train them well, so that they may be a good citizen our our country in the future and stand on their own feet.