Goa Baptist Fellowship News

We had several activities that happened since the birth of the Goa Baptist Fellowship in 2002 through all our Baptist Churches in Goa.

Some of the highlights were:

Angam’s wife, Chumila met a Bike accident and fractured her leg and was admitted in hospital and was left bed ridden for a long time, she could not walk and do her work. Thank God she is fine now and started going to work. They are a great blessing to the Baptist Church. Angam is a Music teacher and he goes to homes and gives music classes to students. We praise God for this dear couple, they did celebrate their first wedding anniversary and it was a good programme.

We had the marriage of Vinod in the Vasco Baptist Church and it was held in their native place and the reception was held in Goa and Pastor Prince conducted the Service. It was well attended by friends, family and Church. The couple is doing fine and they are anxiously waiting for a Baby in the family. May God give Depthi a safe confinement.

Rev. Prince solemnized the marriage of Soni and Raghu from the Vasco Baptist Church and it was a great service. Lots of people came and blessed the couple. Soni is a Youth member of the Church. Please pray that God may bless them also with a baby in His own time as Soni is expecting a child.

Marriage of Ragu & Soni along with Rev. Prince & Sujatha
Marriage of Vinod & Deepthi, Vasco Baptist Church

Rev. Prince conducted the marriage of Luckie and Suzie from the Panaji Baptist Church and it was a wonderful service with lots of people who came to attend the marriage. Praise the Lord for this couple.


CSI Home Church
Rev. Prince had the privilege of preaching in the C.S.I Home Church in Nagercoil which is one of the biggest Churches in Kanyakumari Dist on two occasions. One was for Palm Sunday he had to give a Message on the Triumphant Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Then the second time he spoke during the month of September it was a wonderful worship service. Thanks to the Pastor and Deacons who invited him to preach.

North East Fellowship
Rev. Prince preached in the North East Baptist Fellowship several times during the year and encouraged them in the Lord. They meet every Sunday in the Youth Hostel in the evenings at 3 pm.

CSI Home Church audience
Goa Baptist Conference
North East Fellowship
Thankul Baptist Fellowship

Tangkhul Baptist Fellowship
Rev. Prince preached in this fellowship and had good fellowship with the members of the Church. They meet in Calangute in the evenings at 2 pm every Sunday.

Rev. Prince was also invited to preach in their annual Tribal Convention in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu it was so nice to see many people come and be blessed.

Rev. Prince was also invited to share in the Church in Germany by friends, it was a great time of experience to meet lots of new people.

Goa Baptist Conference:
Rev. Prince also taught in the Goa Baptist Fellowship annual get together in Goa along with other speakers from England like Rev. Steven Barber, and Dr. Ian. This conference was attended by over 120 people from different Baptist Churches here in Goa. It was a great time of united worship, different choirs were there to lead us in the Worship like the North East Baptist Choir, Tangkhul Baptist Choir, Vasco Baptist Choir and Panaji Baptist Choir. We provided transport for people from Vasco and far off places to join us for the celebration together. We plan to have this gathering every year in Goa. Special thanks to all our friends who visited us from England during this conference.

TV Ministry:
Rev.  Prince was invited to speak on Glory Television, which is a Catholic channel and it has been over a year that he is preaching and reaching the Catholics homes in Goa. Many have responded positively and wrote to him for prayer and that they were blessed by the messages. Please continue to pray that the Lord will use Rev. Prince continuously during this year too and that his sermons will be a blessing to many others and people will come to know Christ in their lives.

Carol Singing:
We had Carol rounds during Christmas for three nights from the 20th to the 22nd of December, in Vasco, Panaji, Calangute areas. It was a fun time for all. We thank Bro. Anix who sponsored the Choir Uniform for the 9 members of the Choir, it was so wonderful to see them in uniform this year. We could also meet new people and share the Love of Christ with them during this Christmas season.

We also had the Choir sing on Glory Television in Goa, a half an hour programme given to us. It was a privilege for us to present 7 Christmas Carols on Television. It was a wonderful experience for all who sang and narrated the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. It was well received by people and many liked the carol programme, Praise God for the opportunity He gave us this year.

We also had the privilege to sing a Christmas Carol on Radio Indigo, Goa FM on the 23rd of December, it was also a different experience for all those who sang on radio.

Dr. John Boss from USA came and visited our Churches and specially the Schools in Goa and shared the Word of God through music and entertained the Children by playing the organ and interacting with the students and sharing the good news with them. Thank God for the permissions we got to enter the Schools in Goa.

Rev. Prince celebrated his 50th Birthday this year and it was a wonderful celebration for all.

Rev. Prince with Rev. Chacko & Mr. Rao in the Aguada Central Prison
Rev Prince with the inmates of Aguada Central Jail, Goa

In the year 2002, Lordson Roach committed his life for full time Ministry in our Panaji Baptist Church. We sent him for a Missionary Training to Dr. Akbar Haqq’s All India Institute on Evangelism, held in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

A drama called “Heavens gates and Hells flame” was shown in our Children’s home for all the Children and people of the Church in the year 2004, it was challenging and a blessing to all.

In November 2002, there was a musical evening that was organized at the Rosary Football Grounds, Navelim, Goa, and Bob Fitts performed and on 7th there was a worship Seminar in Gomant Vidhya Niketan, Margao, Goa, for all the Pastors and Leaders of Goa. It was a great blessing to all the.

In 2002 we had screened the movie “JESUS” through Campus Crusade for Christ at the following places:

  1. Sangolda Grounds, Bardez, Goa.
  2. Home Science College, Campal.
  3. T.B.Cunha Higher Secondary School, Campal.
  4. St. Anthony’s High School, Dhuler, Mapusa.

The School authorities gave us permission to show this film and it was a blessing to many students there. Many people came to know Christ in the open grounds of Sangolda it was a wonderful witness for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Augustine Pinto the then Sheriff of Mumbai and the Director and Founder of the Ryan International Institution came and preached in our Panaji Baptist Church. It was a great encouragement to us for such a great person to come and share the Word with us. He is a good friend of Rev. Prince.

Dr. Kunjumon Chacko who the Director for Prison Fellowship of India, and the Secretary of the Baptist Churches in Kerala, came and preached in our Panaji Baptist Church. He is a good friend of Rev. Prince as he is also involved in Prison ministry. It was a wonderful time for all of us.



    Dr. Kunjumon Chacko preaching in Panaji Baptist Church.

Pastor. Vivian Fernandes who is the co- ordinator and Director of the Maharashtra Baptist Society in Mumbai where Rev. Prince worked for 11 years came and preached the Word of God twice in the Panaji Baptist Church and Vasco Baptist Church. It was nice to keep in touch and serve the Lord together.

Rev. Dr. Victor Gollapallai who is Secretary, Bible Society of India Auxiliary, came and Preached with Word of God in all our three Churches, Panaji Baptist Church, Vasco Baptist Church and Margao Baptist Church. He shared about the work of Bible Society in India and it was so nice for us Goa Baptist Fellowship to get involved with the Bible Society of India, as Rev. Prince is the Secretary for the North Goa Branch of the Bible Society of India and we also had the release of the New Testament in Konkani released recently. It is wonderful to be part of this ministry.

Rev. Solomon Rongpi who is the Secretary for the National Council for Churches in India, based at Nagpur came and spent time with us during last Christmas and he shared the Word of God in two of our Baptist Churches, Panaji Baptist Church and Vasco Baptist Church, it was wonderful to have him minister to us in Goa.

Mr. Vijay Thangiah, Director for Youth for Christ in India, based in Mumbai who is member of the Vasai Baptist Church that Rev. Prince founded in Mumbai, came along with his family and preached in our Panaji Baptist Church, it was great to hear him speak and expound the Word of God to the people in the Church. It was a blessing to have them as a family as they also presented a special song as the whole family is into music and singing. Praise God for their family.

Mr. Tome Fernandes who works for Cosmo Mathias Menezes Pharmacy in Vasco, Goa also came to our Margao Baptist Church along with family and shared the Word of God, he has been a very good friend of Rev. Prince for many years in Goa. It was great to have them as a family.

Bro. Amlesh Kumar who is well known in Goa, who has the Glory Television and is involved in preaching and Teaching to large groups of people here in Goa also comes every Christmas and shares the Word with us and all the people are blessed to hear him speak. They also provided gifts to all the Children and Staff in our home. God bless their ministry.

Bro. Robert Mills the Deacon and Secretary of the Worcester Park Baptist Church, London preached the Word of God in the Panaji Baptist Church and Vasco Baptist Church recently. It was such a joy to have him and his wife who is also in the leadership of the Church and a deaconess to share their time with us in Goa Baptist Fellowship.

Goa Baptist Church Women with Gen Sec. of ABPF Rev. Bonny Resu

From 13th November to 16th November this year we had Dr. John Boss Executive Director, Christ for the World, USA, he also worked with great Evangelists like Dr. Billy Graham Association came to Goa for the first time and Rev. Prince arranged his meetings in different Schools in the Goa and also in two different Churches in Goa. It was a great blessing to all the people in Goa specially the Young people in the Schools. He is an ordained Southern Baptist Preacher.

We also had a special Youth Convention organized by the Bible Society of India on the 7th of November 2011. Some of our Youth from the Baptist Church participated in this Youth meeting. It was a blessing for all of them.


As an outreach ministry we started work among sports persons in different fields.

Rev. Prince used to be in touch with some professional football players and their clubs in Goa and witnessed to them the love of Christ. He used to visit them in their home and pray with them. He gave video C.D’s titled “The ultimate goal” which was a special soccer edition 2002 film on JESUS, and was released just after the IFA World Cup 2002, to all the players of Cabral Sports Club, Vasco Sports Club, Mohan Bagan and others, this CD had about 10 testimonies of International football players who gave their life to Jesus Christ. This was an encouragement to several Indian players and some of them came to know Christ.

Rev. Prince used to meet in their homes regularly with the families of the footballers and pray and fellowship together. It was a lovely time of sharing the love of Christ and witness to them and their friends.

Rev. Prince & Sujatha after Prayers meeting with professional footballers in the Goan Club


Mr. Moasangba, a student who passed out from Servanthood Bible College in Nagaland joined us for a year as an assistant pastor to Rev. Prince.

Pastor Ating Haoshimwung
Rev. Prince, General Secretary of Goa Baptist Fellowship

Now we have an Assistant Pastor who helps Rev. Prince with his Ministry and his name is Bro. Ating from Manipur, North East India.
Robin Benjamin also assists Rev. Prince in the Ministry of the Vasco Baptist Church.